Barnstormer is a kind of entertainment where the pilots perform classic tricks while flying out in the air. The American tour of barnstormers was reintroduced in two thousand and six with just seventeen aero planes. The response for the trip was excellent. This response led to the confirmation that peopleContinue Reading

Owner/Pilot: Dennis Guentzel Waco Taperwing s/n A-83 was born 4/49/29 and delivered to its first owner, famous race pilot Johnny Livingston. Its original registration was NC8568. Records are sketchy, at best, but they show a transfer to a gentleman in Illinois a few years later. It was so registered untilContinue Reading

Owner/Pilot: Hank Galpin Co-pilot: Ray Sanders Hank Galpin On rainy days in college Hank Galpin could often be found high in the upper reaches of Yale’s Sterling Memorial Library. There he found treasure in the aviation section: Saint Exupery, Ernie Gann, and Slats Rodgers’ “Old Soggy No. 1”. Hank learnedContinue Reading

Owner/Pilot: Richard “Speed” Hornbeck Waco 08N was built by the Advanced Aircraft Company in Troy, Ohio, in October 1929 for the Texas Petroleum Company (Texaco) as its seventh airplane, and therefore is affectionately referred to as Texaco No. 7. The paint scheme you see it in now is almost exactlyContinue Reading

Owner/Pilot: Clay Adams Clay “Pork Chop” Adams grew up in aviation. He became the family’s second-generation airline pilot, learning to fly at a very early age. Having flown 97 different aircraft, clay searched for an airplane that would do it all. Curtiss Wright manufactured this Travel Air 4000 in WichitaContinue Reading

Owner/Pilot: David “Candy Man” Mars A large measure of Southern charm, expertly blended with 40 years of flying vintage aircraft, makes a perfect recipe for this Mississippi barnstormer’s sweet success as owner/operator of Vintage Air Tours. Rumored to have soloed a Piper Cub at the age of two, the “CandyContinue Reading