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Some Essential Rules Of Airway Baggage Every Traveller Must Know

When you are flying internationally, the baggage you carry in your hand and the one checked-in has some rules and regulation. Some items can be only be taken in the handbag and some that have to be kept in the registered luggage. Additionally, some items and materials are not allowed at all. These rules are in place to maintain the security of passenger as a priority.

While the rules differ from air carrier to air carrier and country of destination and country of origin, there are some basic rules everyone must follow. We give a small sample of it below:
• If carrying liquids, then the maximum limit is 100ml for one container in hand baggage. Altogether the containers should not be above one 1 litre. Things included are:
o Shampoo
o mouth wash
o body balms
o drinks
o alcohol

If you require more quantity, a better option is to buy it on the departure lounge after the security check has been done. Any drink bought before security check and more than 100ml will not be allowed.
Airway Baggage• Items that have spikes or edges can be transformed and used as weapons. Therefore, most of them are not allowed in the hand luggage. The stuff you should not keep in cabin baggage are:
o Razors (though disposable ones are allowed)
o Shavers
o Knives
o scissors
o Scalpels
o Syringes
o needles
o Knitting and crocheting needles
o Ice picks
o corkscrews
o Hand-axes
o Choppers
It should be noted that all these items can be stored in the check-in baggage without any problems.

• Also allowed are medicines or medical paraphernalia that passenger necessarily requires during travel. For example, eye drops are necessary medicines. They can be taken on board as long as they do not exceed 100 ml.

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