A biplane is an aircraft which has two wings one upon the other. This was probably the first ever aircraft to fly. They are far more advantageous for a comfortable ride for two. The Biplane rides or tours have been popular for a long time now. The season is now,Continue Reading

Owner/Pilot: Hank Galpin Co-pilot: Ray Sanders Hank Galpin On rainy days in college Hank Galpin could often be found high in the upper reaches of Yale’s Sterling Memorial Library. There he found treasure in the aviation section: Saint Exupery, Ernie Gann, and Slats Rodgers’ “Old Soggy No. 1”. Hank learnedContinue Reading

Owner/Pilot: David “Candy Man” Mars A large measure of Southern charm, expertly blended with 40 years of flying vintage aircraft, makes a perfect recipe for this Mississippi barnstormer’s sweet success as owner/operator of Vintage Air Tours. Rumored to have soloed a Piper Cub at the age of two, the “CandyContinue Reading