Attend Barnstormers Tour For an awesome Aviation Experience!

Do you dream of attending a barnstorming tour where you can watch and admire the antique planes flying in? If you always wanted to get a first-hand experience of seeing or even riding an antique plane, our barnstorming tours offer an excellent opportunity to do just that. Several meticulously restored antique aircrafts will be displayed at various airfields during this tour. Spectators are in for a visual treat, as our events are organized with the help of professionals like kiyoh , thereby ensuring maximum fun and entertainment. To get more information regarding the tour dates, check sites like so that you can plan in advance.

American Barnstormers Tour

A Little Bit Of History
The American Barnstormers Tour was started by a group of friends and biplane pilots who wanted to salute the barnstormers of the 1920s who set out in their biplanes seeking fame and fortune across America. This biannual tour is a much-awaited event for aviation enthusiasts who make use of this opportunity to get a slice of the past – what with the pilots and the crew all dressed in period costumes.

The usual participants of barnstorming events are old-timers who have been attending such tours for decades. A large part of the fun in coming for the fly-ins is that you can meet some old friends who live and breathe antique aircrafts and are so knowledgeable about it that sharing stories and tips with them can make the whole journey seem worthwhile. The flying experience, of course, is the other part of the fun – and the irreplaceable one. Flying in vintage aircrafts make the experience an even more authentic one by taking you back in time to the 20s and 30s.

But, with our barnstorming event even people who are not familiar with aircrafts are given a chance to explore and learn more about these beautifully crafted airplanes at these events. They are given guided tours to understand the history and legacy of these period masterpieces. What better way to learn history than this! And for the adventurous souls around, a ride in an open cockpit biplane would be the most exhilarating experience ever. Parade of flights will also be organized in which all airplanes will participate.

Where Can You Find Us?
The tour usually halts at specific air-strips for about 3 days. It would always be advisable to check the tour calendar to block those dates and to make arrangements with your tour operator, to make arrangements to attend this event. This tour which started off first in 2006 with 17 aircrafts flying from Kalamazoo, Michigan has been steadily growing in stature over the years with the number of participating airplanes and visitors increasing with each event.

The fleet of aircrafts and aviators are chosen carefully from a select group of passionate pilots who are devoted to promoting vintage aviation. They all participate in recreating that bygone era with period costumes, aircraft signage and vintage props. A peculiar characteristic of all these aviators is that they love to share the anecdotal stories and history of their aircraft.

So, come and get a taste of how life would have been almost a century ago!


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    It was really an incredible experience travelling in vintage aircrafts. But they give prefernce to aviaitors

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    You need to book your tickets early for the adventourous travel

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    The guides offered during the adventorus travel shred with us various interesting facts about the past.

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    We had an wondeful avaition experience with them

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    Check their tour calendar online to knoe about the upcoming branstomer tour days.

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