Vintage Biplane Ride

Vintage Biplane Ride Across Ottawa, Canada

In the long list of things to do, adventurers have, it is time to add one more. Flying in a vintage biplane is a once in a lifetime experience few get and the Canada Aviation and Space Museum offers them from May to October. The ride uses a WACO UPF-7 biplane made in 1939. The plane can take two passengers in one flight. Each day two flights take off, one at nine in the morning and the other at 5 in the evening.

With helmets and goggles at the ready, you have the choice to choose from four different types of tours:
• The very first flight lasts about six to eight minutes and is perfect for an amateur. A person craving to experience the wind in the hair and a throwback to a bygone era will love it.
• The second tour is a little longer and can take ten to fifteen minutes because it travels along the lazing path of the Ottawa River. Because the biplane flies at a lower altitude, you have the chance to take some breath-taking and picturesque images.
Vintage Plane Ride• More of a city person, then take the Parliament Hill tour. About ten to fifteen minutes long, the biplane ride is an ideal way to see downtown Ottawa and, of course, Parliament Hill from a bird’s eye.
• For those who want to take their time up in the air, the Gatineau Hill Tour is perfect. It takes approximately 25 minutes and lets you enjoy:
o The serene Gatineau River
o The Historic Gatineau Park
o The dams of Chelsea
o The river logging route that was initially built to develop the urban city
o On the way back, get to see Parliament Hill, too.
Believe us; there is no better way to enjoy Canada!

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