1929 Waco ASO – NC608N

Owner/Pilot: Richard “Speed” Hornbeck

Waco 08N was built by the Advanced Aircraft Company in Troy, Ohio, in October 1929 for the Texas Petroleum Company (Texaco) as its seventh airplane, and therefore is affectionately referred to as Texaco No. 7. The paint scheme you see it in now is almost exactly as it appeared when it flew in 1929 and the early 1930’s for Texaco.

Texaco 7 was used as the tow ship to tow the Texaco Eaglet glider cross-country, piloted by the famous racer pilot, Frank Hawks. No. 7 was also used for other promotions for Texaco.

In the fall of 1999, Texaco 7 was flown from Maine to California and back by its current pilot, Richard “Speed” Hornbeck and Roger Poor. It only took Richard and Roger seven days to fly from Maine to California, and an additional seven days to return, which is where Rick Hornbeck gets the nickname “Speed”.

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