Owner/Pilot: Richard “Speed” Hornbeck Waco 08N was built by the Advanced Aircraft Company in Troy, Ohio, in October 1929 for the Texas Petroleum Company (Texaco) as its seventh airplane, and therefore is affectionately referred to as Texaco No. 7. The paint scheme you see it in now is almost exactlyContinue Reading

Owner/Pilot: Clay Adams Clay “Pork Chop” Adams grew up in aviation. He became the family’s second-generation airline pilot, learning to fly at a very early age. Having flown 97 different aircraft, clay searched for an airplane that would do it all. Curtiss Wright manufactured this Travel Air 4000 in WichitaContinue Reading

Owners: Sharon & Gary Lust Pilot: Gary “Pops” Lust Gary Lust has been an antique airplane enthusiast for over 30 years and has operated, maintained, and restored several vintage airplanes. Three years ago he acquired this 1929 Travel Air 4000, which had been restored in the configuration of the ‘FlyingContinue Reading

Owner/Pilot: Bruce McElhoe Travel Air 89K was manufactured by the Travel Air Manufacturing Co. in Wichita, Kansas in September, 1929. The factory produced 17 model 4-D’s before stopping production a few months later as the depression deepened. This is the only original Model 4-D still flying in the world todayContinue Reading