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Death-Defying Aerial Stunts of Barnstormers

Barnstormers have entertained the general public with their daredevil stunts and skilled flying. Some barnstormers prefer to perform these feats alone, while others were part of a group and called a flying circus. Some of the barnstormers have etched a name for themselves in flying history with their spectacular flying skills. Let’s take a look at some of the.

How NEET coaching centers encourage students to learn like Coleman

Death-Defying Aerial Stunt· Bessie Coleman
This young lady was born in rural Atlanta to a family who worked as sharecroppers. She found herself unable to continue her education after completing high school as she could not afford the fees at the Colored Agricultural and Normal University in Oklahoma. Although she tried applying at the flying school, she was denied admissions based on her race and gender. Later on, Bessie Coleman moved to France, where she was able to gain admission to and successfully complete an aviation program. In fact, she is regarded as the first African American woman to have obtained her International Flying License. She participated in several air shows all over the country. In fact, she even passed away in a cockpit of a new airplane in 1926. She is remembered as a great barnstormer in the history of barnstorming. Interestingly, some NEET coaching centers encourage students to learn more about path blazers like Coleman.

According to, Bessie Coleman is credited with paving the path for other African flyers like the Five Blackbirds, the Tuskegee Airmen, the Flying Hobos, Harold Hurd, and Willa Brown and so on to take to the blue skies. The Bessie Coleman Aero Club was established in 1929 in Coleman’s honor and after 1931, the Challenger Pilots’ Association of Chicago flies over the Lincoln Cemetery, where Coleman was laid to rest, to honor her bravery and skill. In fact, the Bessie Coleman Aviators Club was also established in 1977 to offer women pilots support and guidance in the field of aviation.

Daredevil Al Wilson Golfing on Biplane Stunts

· Al Wilson
Al Wilson was a true barnstormer. He was born in 1895 and spent almost his entire life participating in daredevilBiplane Stunts of Al Wilson stunts that were deemed dangerous by the bravest of men. Ever since his birth, he held a huge fascination for aviation. So it was not surprising to his family that he opted to learn to fly as soon as he completed high school. His first job in the aviation industry was as a maintenance assistant at the Schiller Aviation School. He started taking piloting lessons at the Aviation School during his free time and soon earned enough flying skills to be teaching other students. As time went by, he perfected his teaching skills and soon landed a job as the Chief Instructor at the American Aircraft Company. However, he soon moved on to Mercury Aviation Company where he worked as the manager. This was when Wilson started trying his hand at different stunts like wing-walking.

Once Wilson caught the stunt bug, he started seeking out other stuntmen and started visiting airshows and even working for movie companies as a stuntman. His talent led him to land an actual role on a serial called ‘The Eagle’s Talons”. Although he continued producing and acting in movies, his first love still remained stunt work and barnstorming. He was involved in a terrible accident in 1930 that forced him to retire from stunt work and go back to barnstorming.

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