Driverless Car - Potential Challenge in Aviation Industry.

Driverless Car- A Potential Challenge To Aviation Industry

Driverless Car - Potential Challenge in Aviation Industry.

Hyundai Plans To Launch Self Driving Cars

Driverless cars have become more common and more capable. It has chances to change the travel habits of people who are not only traveling but also people in far distances. Research done by Susee Hyundai has clarified that the travel preferences of the people would shift. It can also be a great test for the airline industry.

For instance, if a person living in Atlanta wishes to go to Washington for business purpose, he can easily take his driverless car. He does not have to depend on two hours. Though it takes about ten hours to reach by car, the person Hyundai Plans To Launch Self Driving Carscan travel at his own convenience. He does not have to wait for security checks, wait at the gate or drive to and fro the airport. After he arrives in Washington, he had to wait next thirty months for picking up his luggage, get a rental car and also additional time for traveling exactly to his destination.

It would take about four to five hours if the person travels in time. This time is all inclusive- security checks, airport transfers and other procedures that occur in the airport. Most people prefer to fly instead of driving on own.

But if there is a driverless car, it is sure they seek an alternative choice instead of flight travel. The passengers can sleep, work, drink, and eat during the drive. They can do what they wish, pack anything they want and leave whenever they want. They do not have to worry about packing pocketknives and liquids as they are not allowed in flight travel. They do not have to undergo scans or searches or security checks. They do not have to hire a rental car from the destination.

The self-car comes with a reclining seat and sufficient leg room and also with a bed. It is more comfortable than the usual cars. Hyundai has plans to develop autonomous driving technology so as to offer the best level of safety and comfort along with excellent standards of convenience where most customers expect.

Hyundai Researches Customers Opinion About Driverless Car

Some of the experts have researched and gathered public opinion about the driverless car. The experts shared that the natives of America know how fast the flights cover large distances. However, they hate the bagging losing risks, delays, long lines, and security checks and also confusion regarding the flying experience.

At present more and more people are showing interest in the driverless vehicle that includes even ambulances and school buses. The driverless ambulances can help in offering fast treatment in times of emergencies.

When it comes to imagining a future with a lot of driverless cars means, the passengers will have options to do various things on their own. They do not have to focus and drive. They prefer cars more than buses and train.

Hyundai Clarifies How Car Industry Can Disturb Airline Industry 

Flying is not pleasant all times. You need to get into the car, carry your luggage and reach the airport. As already mentioned above, you have to go across various checks to take your seat in the flight. You need to follow the same procedure after reaching the destination.

Though flying experience is very much advanced and changed when compared to the last 15 years, there are stillHow Car Industry Can Disturb Airline Industry certain drawbacks.

Self-driving cars are the latest buzz in the town. People traveling within the same country can make use of self-driving cars instead of depending on flight journey.

If airlines wish to stay ahead of self-driving car trend, they have to change the way they are presently offering services. They should also be ready to provide door to door services, convenient pickup locations, pickup customers from their office or residence, and deliver customers to the airport. It is already seen in luxury travel. Some top airlines like Emirates are providing door to door services. However, this trend is not seen in economy passengers and airlines are forced to make changes so as to stand ahead of their competitors.

All these predictions help us to imagine a future where we could see a lot of self-driven cars in the advanced infrastructure. It is an important shift that will have a lot of changes and effects. At the same time, it is sure the airline industry will also do a lot of changes as per the new trends and developments. Check outabout the Driverless cars are going to disrupt the airline industry.

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