American Barnstormers Tour

1932 FAIRCHILD 22 – NC3166

1932 Fairchild 22 - American Barnstormers Tour

Owner/Pilot: John Thomason
Co-pilot: Josh Brownell

The enclosed Fairchild 24 series was intended as a business or family airplane, but the open cockpit 22 series was the company’s entry into the two-place sport plane market. 

With full-span ailerons, plus Fairchild’s famous responsive controls, the 22 is a joy to fly.  Used for pleasure flying and mild aerobatics, the design was built with several different engines and its performance improved steadily with each increase in horsepower. 

The 22s were never employed by the military and were introduced too early for the Civilian Pilot Training Program, so it was the airplane’s flying and aesthetic attributes alone that sold it to a Depression-drained public.  Even so, there was never a huge market, and this, combined with the ravages of World War II, have made flyable Fairchild 22s sadly few and far between.