American Barnstormers Tour

1929 Alexander Eaglerock - NC1121P

1929 Alexander Eaglerock - American Barnstormers Tour

Owner: Carl Williams
Pilot: Glen Cruz

The Alexander Eaglerock

The Eaglerock biplane, made famous by barnstormers during the 1920s, was manufactured in what is now downtown Englewood, Colorado, and later in Colorado Springs (which carry the "A- designation), by the Alexander Aircraft Company. Barnstormers landed the Eaglerock in farm fields across rural America in the 1920s and '30s, giving rides in these "new flying machines" to the brave souls willing to take the risk of flight. Ten-minute rides sold for 50 cents to a dollar.

One of the early Alexander Aircraft Company employees, a 19-year-old youngster name Al, had a job at the factory building aircraft wing ribs. Al was instrumental in the early success of the Eaglerock, his suggestions resulted in some significant design changes to one of the Eaglerock airplanes under construction. This youngster, Al Mooney, went on to found his own successful aircraft company.

The Eaglerock was popular with well known aviators of the day, including a noted early flyer known to some as "Slim." The Eaglerock was in the running with Bellanca as the aircraft-of-choice for Charles A. Lindbergh.