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American Barnstormers Tour came into being out on a grass airfield in the middle of Iowa. In the early 1920s, people used to pay a few dollars to get the chance to get a close look at the latest technology at that time, airplanes! As time went by, the local citizens were also offered rides in these airplanes for a few bucks, giving them the thrill of their lifetime. These barnstorming tours were resurrected recently in the form of American Barnstormers Tour by our staff to give people from all walks of life a way to connect the past with the present.

First American Barnstormers Tour
The first American Barnstormers Tour kicked off in 2006 with seventeen airplanes from Kalamazoo in Michigan and flew throughout 5 states and finally ended at an airfield in Oshkosh in Wisconsin. The people went wild for these tours, as it was the first time many of them got to see a biplane up close and even get to take a ride in it. These biplanes might be old, but they still offer a thrill that matches nothing else. This response was all that our staff needed to make the American Barnstormer Tour a biannual tour.

Second American Barnstormers Tour
The second American Barnstormers tour took place in 2008. Starting from America’s heartland, there were nineteen aircrafts and forty five crew members this time. According to out calculations, over 20,000 people saw the tour this time around

Ever since then, the number of people who turn up for the American Barnstormers Tour has been doubling in number along with the number of aircraft and crew members who sign up for this memorable event.

Crew Members
The aircrafts are chosen for the American Barnstormers tour according to their uniqueness. The crew members need to highly skilled aviators along with a passion for educating the public about vintage aviation. The crew members recreate the early 1920s with the help of period costumes, historical information, aircraft signage and other vintage props. These aviation ambassadors also share their aircraft stories with the public.

Golden Age Of Aviation
The years between when the World War I ended till when the United States of American entered the World War II after the Pearl Harbor bombing is referred to as “The Golden Age Of Aviation”. Several barnstorming tours, record-setting flights, trophy races captured the people’s attention as they watched in awe at the open cockpit biplanes. The revolution in the airline industry during this period also led to the development of lightweight engines which had better power capabilities. The jet engine also came into being during the nineteen thirties.

The American Barnstormer Tours are a way of reliving the past glory during the Golden Age of Aviation during which people experienced the thrill of riding in open cockpit airplanes for the first time in their lives. Even today, riding an open cockpit airplane is a rare chance of a lifetime due to the biplane manufacturing being discontinued and newer and better airplanes making way into the airfield. So sign up today and experience the ride of a lifetime!